After developing a theoretical framework for interview hacking, Jayden Kafanelis, a Melbourne University Alumni and recruitment specialist was invited to present interview hacking workshops at universities around Australia. The workshops were received with overwhelmingly positive feedback which lead to the creation of this digital course.

In 2 action packed hours of content you will learn how to elicit desired outcomes in professional interview settings with proven techniques all backed by scientific evidence. This course is designed to help you promote yourself effectively to interviewers by using targeted elements of social psychology, interpersonal communication and neuroscience. Professional actor, Nadia Grant delivers a unique learning experience as she guides you through the course in a creative, entertaining and informative way.

On completion, you will have a framework to hack your next interview. Master techniques to affect others consciously and subconsciously. Understand how hidden behaviours, expressions and body language can be the difference between getting hired or fired from your interview! 

What you are about to learn can be used in all future social interactions by helping you manipulate evolutionary biology and psychology to your advantage. 

Using the techniques in this course is GUARANTEED to increase your employability and enhance your perceived value to employers.

Here’s some quotes from people that attended the university workshops:

“I attended the interview ready workshop run by Jayden’s organization and found the course much helpful for a soon to be graduating student like me. He provides valuable information on preparing for job interviews”
- Ishita M

“Thanks for sharing all of your insights, you never get taught how to interpret body language or how to use certain colours to affect someone else”
– Phillip M

And some from the people that did the course...

“When you come to a new country it is hard to learn about the culture differences. With this course it is much easier, everything they teach I can’t find anywhere else!”
- Aswitha W

“I interviewed for a few companies and never got through the last step. This course sounded to good to be true, but I did it and now I have a job so it must work lol”
- Samantha J

“Learning about how to change someone’s perspective about you is extremely valuable I think, if you can make someone like you.. there is a higher chance they will hire you and do business with you"
- James B

Are you ready to learn the best tips and tricks as we deep dive into the social behaviours of humans?

Course Curriculum

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  First Impressions
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days after you enroll
  Social proof and interview applications
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  Nonverbal communication
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  Course Summary
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  Hidden Art of Interview Hacking Real World Analysis
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Jayden Kafanelis B.Sc M.Biotech

CEO and Cofounder of Zygaverse


Kick-starting your career is necessary for success and it all starts with nailing that interview. My background in recruitment, business, and science lead me to co-create the course "The Hidden Art of Interview Hacking" after uncovering the secret criteria employers and hiring managers used when interviewing applicants. My background allowed me to thoroughly analyse scientific research and data spanning social science, human behaviour, neuroscience, and organisational psychology to formulate an interview hacking framework which you can use to easily hack your next interview.

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The Hidden Art of Interview Hacking

Potent and powerful persuasion psychology for your next interview

Learn the Hidden Art of Interview Hacking framework to guarantee success in your next interview!

Dr Selvi Kannan

Lecturer and Specialist Advisor (Management & Innovation) for the Victoria University College of Business

“Jayden has designed an effective interpersonal communication program that explores the fundamental nature of human interactions and applies them to interview settings. The framework should be utilised by anyone wanting to secure their next position”

Dr Eddie Custovic

Director of La Trobe Innovation & Entrepreneurship Foundry. School of Engineering & Mathematical Sciences. IEEE Industry Engagement

"This course teaches employability principles better than what is currently available elsewhere. I regularly teach many of the topics covered to my students and graduates at La Trobe University when they transition into the professional environment."